Fatal Accident on Jtb Involves Multiple Cars


We are updated of the news of the traffic responders have been clearing the scene and the scene was of two crashes.

The freaking part comes when we are hearing the crash news.

And the first class has been occurring as per the statement on the east bound side which is near Kernan Boulevard which has a time which is around the late evening that is 6:40 PM.


Do you all know for this due to crash they were all eastbound lanes which were all blocked for several hours as it was a crash so which cannot be ignored.

We have been just updated that it has not been cleared yet also that the parked car which was at the site was been involved in the crash or not.

Now also the information has not been completed and is not that much but still we could expect that at least one person is dead and not more than that but due to any clarification of parked car involvement or not we just could not predict about more person died or not.

Now the police officers have been blocking of the West bound exit ramp and which is to the south side boulevard.

So the expectations from the drivers have been into the major conflicts that they need to be seeking an alternative route just because of the blocking of the main route so they need to find an alternate route obviously wherever it is available.

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So unexpected delay is the major part which could be expected and which could be informed for the drivers also.

Some unseen predictions and statements have also been received that there was a viewer but was not willing to give their name into these matters he was not willing to tell about his own self so there is his wife was also present so according to her statement she saw and disabled vehicle at the time of crash but.

It was according to her for teen minutes before the crash and the main part is that it was in the exact location she has been described as the crash has happened.


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