Experts Advocate For A Modest Alteration In The Face Of Omicron: ‘This Is A Catastrophe’


A leading epidemiologist has warned that if the Omicron version of Covid-19 continues to expand, calamity would follow.

Dr. Zo Hyde, an epidemiologist at The University of Western Australia, stated that persons who had received the Pfizer vaccination would “likely have little resistance against the disease with the omicron variant.”

“This is a disaster,” she wrote on Twitter.


“Protection after three doses has most likely suffered as well.” What it means for severe disease is unclear.”

Dr Hyde cited a study from Professor Sandra Ciesek of the University Hospital Frankfurt who discovered that the capacity to assemble an immune reaction to Omicron in people who already had three shots of BioNTech/Pfizer was up to 37 times lower than the reaction to Delta.

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Dr Hyde, who has tried to push for Covid zero and annihilation of the virus, tweeted “we can expect a huge number of people to become contaminated”.

“Even if just a tiny fraction become ill enough to require hospitalization, this may still destabilize healthcare systems,” she said on Twitter.

“A tiny percentage of a high number of illnesses is nonetheless a significant quantity.”

She has proposed that governments “finance widespread manufacturing and distribution of KF-94, FFP2, and N95 masks.”

“Cloth and surgical masks are no longer adequate,” she tweeted.

She told Yahoo News Australia that she is “extremely concerned” about the new version “because it appears to be both more transmissible than the delta variant and capable of evading our immunizations to some extent.”

“German scientists discovered that the antibodies people acquire after receiving two vaccination doses don’t appear to have much potential to neutralize the virus,” she added.

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