Ex-Jets Running Back Zac Stacy Released from Jail on Bond After Alleged Attack on Ex-Girlfriend


ON SATURDAY, FORMER NFL player Zac Stacy was freed on a $10,000 bail after being “caught on tape hitting his ex-girlfriend at her house.”

Zac Stacy, 30, was freed on bond on November 20 after being detained at Orlando International Airport in Florida for two days.

According to WKMG-TV, an Orange County jail official confirmed Stacy was released approximately 1.30 p.m.

On Thursday night, Stacy was arrested in Florida after reportedly punching his ex-girlfriend in front of his five-month-old boy.

During Stacy’s initial court appearance on Friday, he was jailed on $10,150 bond, compelled to forfeit his passport, and told to keep away from the victim for the time being.

The player was charged with aggravated violence and criminal mischief in connection with the assault on his baby’s mother Kristin Evans, which was captured on home security video.

Stacy, who played in the NFL from 2013 to 2015 as a running back for the New York Jets, was arrested after he flung Evans about like a “rag doll.”

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When officers arrived to Evans’ house, they found her “emotionally upset” and sitting on the couch, according to the arrest warrant.

The responding officer stated in the arrest warrant, acquired by The Sun through an open records request, that her “clothing was ripped and she had food in her hair.”

The arrest warrant stated that “the television was knocked over and destroyed when the culprit hurled the victim against it, and the remote was smashed on the floor.”

“Food was strewn throughout the living room, and the child’s rocking chair had been knocked over and destroyed.”

This was the scene seen across the country in a viral surveillance film immediately after the traumatic incident.

In the footage, Stacy can be seen hitting Evans and throwing her into the TV and baby’s bouncy chair.

The violent footage shows the former Jets and Rams running back telling their youngster, “I love you,” and stepping out the door before reportedly departing the state.

In a statement, Oakland, Florida, police said they discovered Stacy was taking a flight from Nashville, Tennessee, to Orlando “with the goal of surrendering himself in.”

He was detained at the Orlando International Airport and charged with second-degree aggravated violence and third-degree criminal mischief, all of which are felonies.

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