Everything Went Black’: The Children Caught in a Christmas Parade Tragedy


A multisport athlete from Waukesha South High School had “fractured femur, fractured skull, broken ribs, fractured C4 vertebra, bruised lung, and pneumothorax (collapsed lung),” according to Facebook sites and GoFundMe requests.

An 11-year-old daughter was also hurt, and she is in intensive care at a hospital separate from her mother, with a left leg fracture and a severe brain damage. With two surgeries, a saxophonist with an ensemble in Waukesha South.

Chanda Khan, 41, who danced in the procession with her 13-year-old daughter, claimed they would have been mowed down if their pom-pom routine did not encourage the entire group to “hour” – or dodge – to the left. as the SUV whizzed by.

She subsequently discovered that her friend’s house, where she had left the car, was located directly across the street from the spot where the SUV had been tossed. Where the motorist drove across a friend’s yard, scratching her car, tire impressions were still apparent.

“There was a black mitten,” she continued, referring to a child’s glove. “We believe he is stranded in an SUV.”

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“We’re good till we finish,” Lisa Salb, whose granddaughter was a member of the Xtreme Dance Team, said. Ms Salb said her granddaughter was not taken aback, but she would never forget her frantic search for a youngster on a street filled with little bodies.

“We couldn’t determine who she was since they were all wearing the same outfits and cosmetics,” she explained. “I read a prayer on one, then walked on to the next and read another, and so on.”

Yarezi, the fourth of five children in the Becerra-Montes family, claimed she only had a hazy memory of the tragedy. Her mother and sister, on the other hand, stood on the sidewalk and saw her get hit.

Quetzalli’s 17-year-old sister added, “We have a video.” “He was speeding at 40 miles per hour.” He threw her from the truck that was following them and blasting their music. “We discovered it halfway beneath it.”

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