Employers and Employees in New York City Face a New Reality: Get Vaccinated or Face Fines


The owner of a Bronx flower business praised New York City’s new vaccination mandate for private enterprises. A tire store employee in Brooklyn stated that she was not ready to be vaccinated. Major corporations like as News Corp., which presently demand immunization or weekly testing, were debating how to implement the policy.

The day after Mayor Bill de Blasio declared a vaccination requirement for all private-sector on-site employees — the most far-reaching local action in the country — workers around the city were trying to figure out what it meant for them.

Some business executives expressed worries about the measure’s difficulties in implementing it, whether the city had the authority to impose it, and whether it may lead to workforce shortages.


Mr. de Blasio defended the requirement in a series of television appearances on Tuesday, presenting it as a vital move to battle a new wave of coronavirus cases this winter amid increased worry about the Omicron type, without reverting to draconian restrictions enforced earlier in the epidemic.

The regulation goes into effect on December 27 and affects around 184,000 firms. Mr. de Blasio stated that firms may face penalties if they did not comply, and that the city would grant medical and religious exemptions to employees whose justifications were found to be acceptable.

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Chris Blanis, proprietor of Mount Eden Florist in the Bronx, thought the mandate was a fantastic idea that would help keep New Yorkers safe. His son, his lone employee, and he are both completely vaccinated.

Lilibeth Diaz, who works at Tom Goma Tire Shop in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg district, said she had not yet been vaccinated and opposed the compulsion.

Several significant financial-services firms located in the city already had rules requiring staff to be completely vaccinated before returning to work, including some of the world’s top banks such as Citi, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, and Goldman Sachs. Beginning in mid-September, Citi required workers to return to its New York headquarters at least two days each week.

The policies of the city’s media and advertising companies differ. A spokeswoman for News Corp, which owns The Wall Street Journal and The New York Post and requires staff to be vaccinated or tested regularly, said the company was “in the process of analyzing” the new rule.

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