Elizabeth Holmes Surprisingly Takes Stand at Fraud Trial, Will Continue Testimony Monday


Elizabeth Holmes, who is on trial for fraud in connection with inaccurate blood tests, startled spectators by taking the stand at her fraud trial in California on Friday.

Holmes’ defense team only questioned her on Friday. Prosecutors will have to wait until at least Monday to take their shot at the former Silicon Valley beauty.

Holmes, age- 37, was charged with many counts of federal fraud in 2018 after her phone blood testing firm, Theranos, was revealed. The trial was postponed numerous times due to a variety of factors, including the COVID epidemic and Holmes giving birth to a son.

Prosecutors brought forth the evidence against Holmes in early September, and the proceedings have continued for months. The prosecution was eventually let to rest on Friday.

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The defense team took the audacious decision to summon Holmes to the stand, but she didn’t say much beyond articulating her hopes for medical progress as a Stanford student.

Holmes is scheduled to testify again on Monday.

If Holmes is guilty of defrauding investors out of $700 million, she faces up to 20 years in jail. Prosecutors said she was aware the Theranos blood tests were bogus but proceeded to sell them nonetheless.

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