During An Interview, Trump Shows His Displeasure with Netanyahu


Bibi had the option of remaining silent. ‘He made a huge blunder,’ Trump remarked in the interview.

In a Friday interview, former US President Donald Trump expressed his displeasure with former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, calling him “disloyal” for praising President Joe Biden after the victory.

No one went above and above for Bibi. I also liked Bibi. I still like Bibi, Trump stated to Israeli journalist Barak Ravid, referring to Netanyahu by his nickname.


However, I value loyalty as well. Bibi was the first to congratulate Biden. He not only congratulated him, but he also recorded it. It was also recorded.

Netanyahu’s message came too soon, “earlier than most,” he said, criticising the former prime minister.

He admitted, I was genuinely disappointed in him. Bibi had the option of remaining silent. He made a big blunder.

Since then, I haven’t communicated with him. He is a jerk.

In November of last year, Netanyahu was one of the last international leaders to congratulate Biden, doing so hours after several other world leaders.

According to The Times of Israel, Netanyahu did not refer to Biden as “president-elect” in his tweets or cabinet speech, and did not clearly announce that Biden had won the elections.

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I’ll tell you what, I believe Israel would have been annihilated if I hadn’t been along. Okay. You want the truth, don’t you? By now, I believe Israel would have been obliterated.

Since [he congratulated Joe Biden], I have never spoken to him. In an exclusive interview for political reporter Barak Ravid’s new book Trump’s Peace: The Abraham Accords and the Reshaping of the Middle East, former US president Donald Trump said about former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, “Fuck him,” implying that the relationship between the two world leaders was not as close as it appeared. On Friday morning, snippets of the interview were released.

Netanyahu’s congratulatory call to current-US President Joe Biden after his victory nearly a year ago was the final straw in the seemingly impenetrable relationship between the two.

Trump has consistently claimed and propagated election fraud in the run-up to the election and especially after the results were announced, claiming the results were inaccurate and that he should have won.


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