Due to Omicron-Related Concerns, Several Royal Caribbean Cruises Will Be Cancelled


So there haven’t latest updates and details which are regarding the Royal Caribbean cruises Ltd, Which has been posing some of its cruise operations. The reasons and details have been Framed in the following manner.

So earlier this week the updates were for that the Royal Caribbean has been canceling its spectrum of the cease cruise that has been for 6 January preferably after the nine guest on 2 January trip which was been recognized as close contact to a case of Covid of local Hong Kong.

Those contacts will been tested and after that as the report was negative but the cruise ship we going to be returning to Kai Tak Cruise terminal on fifth of January in Hong Kong for testing all the guest and also the cruise members who should have been taken a second test on eighth of January as stated by the company.


The at a moment made very keen words in which they stated that ‘ we regret having to cancel our long-awaited guest’ : They regret a lot for the cancellation of the vacations for which the people were been long awaited and they also appreciate their understanding and cooperation and these measures also were been implemented just to have cautioned and assure it.

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On the day of Friday, the cruise line stated in statement that: The ceiling of the three ships which are named as Serenade of the seas, Jewel of the seas and the third which has been named as Symphony of the seas.

These three sailing ship has been paused while they were returning of its vision of the seas to crew Singh which were been postponed to 7th March 2022 as stated by the cruise line.


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