Do You Want to Bet on Your Dreams With Kim Perell?


After she had been laid off from her first job which was out of college when that company became bankrupt.

That time Kim Perell decided to start her own. At the age of 22 years and from the work of kitchen table, she hung out her own shingle using a $10,000 loan which was from her grandmother.

That company had grew to over $100 million as in annual revenue by the time she was 30. Her next, the global marketing-technology company Amobee, had been sold to Singapore.


From the Newly Updates:- the Very Unknown Part of Kim Has Also Been Revealed Which Tells About His Routine Is as Follows

On her morning routine:
Like us all she get up at seven and we’re off the bed and start running. During the week, her main goal is to get everyone out of their house without three meltdowns.

One is the kids are on the bus, then I can exercise. I am very much obsessed with Peloton. I usually like to have a protein power shake on the way from the kitchen to my desk her commute is very short.

On her path to entrepreneurship:
Both her parents are entrepreneurs, so there’s definitely something in her DNA that wants her to create and innovate and make change.

But it was also a total struggle growing up, and she was like, This is very exhausting. She is just going to a real job. It’s very much secure. That is an “real job” which is very quickly turned out as an nightmare, and then she thought, which is nothing’s actually secure.

So she is just going to bet on herself. Because at least when she lose, she is making all the decisions. She can only blame herself if it goes wrong. She want to control her own destiny. And so that’s when she made that jump.

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She believed in the internet; She believed there was going to be a huge opportunity for online advertising. It seems obvious now to everyone but 20 years ago, it was a different market.


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