December Child Tax Credit Due Date: When Can You Expect Your $1,800 Stimulus Check?


Families in the United States may expect to get their final child tax credit in a couple of days, but it may be their last direct payment under the system as Congress debates how to prolong it.

The enhanced child tax credit, which was part of the American Rescue Plan enacted by Congress in March, has been considered as a significant accomplishment for Democrats, lifting about 3.5 million children out of poverty by August, according to the Center on Poverty and Social Policy.

Because it was act was signed by President Joe Biden and began in July, the child tax credit has assisted over 35 million families in dealing with the aftermath of the coronavirus epidemic with direct subsidies of up to $3,600 per kid, up from the previous $2,000.


Families earning less than $150,000 per year, childless couples filing as heads of households earning less than $112,500, and individuals earning less than $75,000 qualify for the full payments. For every $1,000 of income above specified thresholds, the payout is reduced by $50.

The amount parents receive is determined on the child’s age. Eligible parents get $300 for each kid under the age of six, and $250 for each child between the ages of six and seventeen. The remaining half of the credit can be claimed as a lump amount on your tax return in April 2022.

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For those who have submitted direct deposit information, the sixth and final payment will be made on December 15. Families who get the money in the form of a physical cheque should anticipate to receive it before the end of the month.

Parents who skipped payments or opted out of advanced payments in subsequent months will get up to $300 in cash for each of those installments.

It implies that people who did not get payments for the first five months but opted and qualified for the December payment will receive the whole first half of the credit as of December 15. This would cost $1,800 for a kid under the age of six, and $1,500 for a child aged six to seventeen.

The deadline to apply for the child tax credit payment, on the other hand, expired on November 15. In addition, the deadline to opt out of the last payment for individuals who choose a larger tax refund in 2022 was November 29.

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