Death of Legendary Texas Sports Journalist Dave Campbell at 96


Now that coming news is on the deep Campbell who is the founder of the Texas football preview magazine and also did this has become a fixture in which in the football crazy state but the very bad news unfortunately we could hear the death of Dave Campbell.

Do we cannot ignore the age of Dave as he was 96 when we could hear his death news.
Update has been coming from the Greg pepper who says that the Temple died at the day or Friday and it was night time when he died and the placement was his home only in Waco.

Dave Campbell has also written the bible of Texas football. This is a magazine in which he has been writing and it was started in 1960.


And the years passed was seven years when the magazine was started when he became the sports editor of the Waco Tribune Herald.

Campbell has also been the former president of football writers Association which is of America.

Also Campbell have been earning a bronze star in the World War II actually he was in the army for three years and he also lived there for three years during his World War II weary on the Bronze Star and Campbell born in 1925 in Waco.

He never lived anywhere instead of when he was forced to live during his World War II anywhere else just because his duty was.

Campbell we could see that he was very attached to his magazine and after selling the magazine Campbell also has been keeping the title of editor preview edition which was in the 2021 also and the magazine was being sold in 1985.

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In 2020 there was also a bad news that Campbell. Wife that she died when she was 70 years old and she died in 2020 in the month of January this was a very bad news for Campbell.

And to you all know that Campbell finished his degree at Baylor.


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