Crews Were Dispatched To I-78 In Northern Berks for A Multi-Vehicle Collision


Tuesday night, emergency services were sent to Interstate 78 in Tilden Township for a multi-vehicle collision with many entrapments.

Several people were injured in the incident in the eastbound lanes soon after 8:15 a.m. Both directions of the interstate were blocked. A number of ambulances were dispatched to the location.

According to emergency sources, one of the cars involved was a school bus. According to sources, another vehicle was a tractor-trailer transporting toothpaste, and the third was a passenger vehicle.


According to subsequent emergency reports, four persons were trapped. The emergency evacuation procedure quickly grew into a large-scale operation.

Crews had released several of the trapped residents by 9 p.m., and at least one person was feared to be dead. By 9:20 p.m., all of the passengers had been extracted from the wreckage.

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As per rescue statements at the spot, the bus was not from Pennsylvania.

Other accidents occurred as a result of the traffic chaos caused by the original collision.

One of them occurred at the Hamburg exit on I-78’s westbound lanes, involving a tractor-trailer that pulled at least a section of the roof off a vehicle.

According to emergency reports, one individual was injured in the incident.

The accident investigation and disposal of the wreckage were likely to take many hours. Traffic was being diverted off I-78, generating the normal backups on side streets.

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