Cream Cheese Is In Short Supply In NYC Bagel Shops Due To Supply Chain Issues


One particular scarcity is jeopardizing a treasured and distinctive New York City staple: cream cheese on a fresh bagel.

That’s correct. According to the New York Times, bagel makers in the Big Apple are reporting that their supply of this prized spread is running short, maybe dangerously low!

In one case, the New York Times spoke with a vendor who only had a few days’ worth of cream cheese.


“Now, New York’s bagel purveyors are beginning to feel the impacts in an unexpected and shocking growth that has abandoned them clamoring to find and hoard as much crème fraiche as they can,” the NY Times reports, adding that the spread is consumed by thousands of pounds every few weeks.

However, over the last three weeks, dairy suppliers have reported that the cream cheese orders they have placed with manufacturers have fallen short. Unfortunately, this isn’t much of a surprise given that businesses and customers all across the world are now dealing with significant product and material delays due to supply chain challenges exacerbated by the ongoing epidemic.

Kraft Heinz claimed in a statement to News 4 New York that they are actually delivering more items than last year and expect the “continued demand” for the product to continue.

“Kraft Heinz is recognized for our portfolio of iconic and cherished brands, and we continue to observe strong and sustained demand across a number of competitive categories,” the firm said in a statement. “We expect this trend to continue as more individuals have breakfast at home and utilize cream cheese as a component in simple sweets. As a result, we’re sending 35% more goods to foodservice partners like bagel shops than we did last year ago.”

The prospect of going without cream cheese was too much for several folks, who said that the spread is the greatest part of the bagel.

“I don’t think anyone should go without cream cheese,” said Anthony Cirelli, who hails from Philadelphia, another cream cheese hotspot. “It’s unfortunate, but I believe we can get through it.”

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