COVID Numbers Concern West Virginia Officials


New COVID-19 cases in West Virginia requiring hospitalization are on the rise, which has state officials observing step by step limit levels at hospitals as the new year begins.

Gov. Jim Justice, giving his last COVID instructions of 2021 on Thursday, directed out COVID numbers will continue toward increase as the new year begins.

“I realize we’ve experienced some tough stuff in 2021, and it’s most likely going to continue to be tough,” Justice said. “We must be on our toes, and watch what we do. The omicron virus is getting across our state. We still just have 18 cases, but it is absolutely moving and we know it’s moving. It will get tougher.”


Justice revealed one more 48 individuals in West Virginia had passed on from COVID since Tuesday, bringing the absolute number of lives lost to the virus in the state to 5,336 as of Thursday morning. He also noted there had been 2,648 new corona cases in West Virginia since Tuesday, and that the consistently positivity rate in the state was 13.77%.

On Thursday morning, there were 646 hospitalized due to COVID in West Virginia, with 197 of the patients in intensive care units and 108 on ventilators.

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Justice and other government officials revealed they were especially worried by the big number of late COVID cases resulting in hospitalizations. 85 hospitalizations were accounted for on Tuesday and 95 on Wednesday.

James Hoyer, director of the state interagency task power on vaccines, said his office continues to get every day information from hospitals. He said the focus isn’t just on the number of cases, but also a hospital’s ability to continue giving health care services.

Health care providers working around COVID patients can be inclined to the virus and that is causing extra challenges to hospitals, Hoyer said.

Dr. Dirt Marsh, state coronavirus pioneer, said the omicron variation is unique in relation to different mutations of the virus.

Marsh suggested a person with symptoms first call their essential care physician prior to going to a hospital for treatment, with the possibility that numerous patients can get the care they need while staying at home.

State Health Officer Ayne Amjad said residents and health care providers need to stay apprised of the best practices for both forestalling and treating COVID-19 viruses.

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