Covid-19 Variant Omicron Threatens U.s., Global Economies


The warning has been given by OECD that the Omicron variant could cause several global Slow down.

Also the governments of central Western governments they are forced to brought out very fresh emergency financial help for all the businesses and also for the domestic purpose specially household.

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Also, if the Omicron Corona virus variant has been severally causing a bad impact on globally and making it very slow destroying the global part and which in turn is leading to the economic threat and this has been warned.

The economist Laurence Boone is the chief economist of the OECD he has announced that there are two scenarios which are being undoubtedly under the international economy.

They are facing it just because of the virus Omicron which is adding to the uncertainties in the health support which is been getting from the COVID-19 pandemic act

The bad news and the evil part is said to be that the Omicron variant if turned out to be more bad and evil kind of thing then Lauren said the chief economist that the government could be stand for the steps for blow for businesses and the domestic household.

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There has been huge struggling which is getting over around the world with central banks which is relating to the rising inflationary burden and pressures.

And the update has been come for the Next year that the inflation rate has been increased by the OECD which is by up to 4.5% or 4.4% And that is also from 3.9% which was estimated in the month of September.

Announcement has been made by CDC director who says that The US is in better preparation in relation to the Omicron variant because the US has been prepared for the fighting skills.


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