Congress is weighing a fresh stimulus package for restaurants and other businesses as Omicron rages


The United States breaks records for COVID-19 cases members of Congress are mulling a fresh round of economic relief for businesses.

Lawmakers are currently in talks about potentially proposing to pump billions into businesses, including restaurants according to The Washington Post. However. The White House is in constant ongoing dialogue with U.S. lawmakers and others on COVID-19 stimulus funding but the current economy appears strong, the White House spokeswoman said on Wednesday.

Sens. Ben Cardin, a Democrat from Maryland, and Roger Wicker, a Mississippi Republican — who are reportedly leading the talks — had put together a $68 billion proposal in December. A White House official told Insider on Wednesday that the Biden administration is “continuing to closely track” the Omicron wave though no final decision had been made to push for another relief plan.

Currently, the Biden administration is continuing to closely track the Omicron wave though no final decision had been made to push for another relief plan. “But we are not in the same place we were last year,” the official Psaki said, adding that there were still leftover funds from the $1.9 trillion stimulus law that could be repurposed and the unemployment rate had fallen significantly since early 2021.

In addition, some senior Democrats are supporting the behind effort to assemble another COVID-19 relief package, including Sen. Ron Wyden, chair of the Senate Finance Committee. “I think the need is very significant, there are a lot of people who tell us that they’re going to be falling between the cracks — that there was a big, big problem before the new variant — and it’s gotten greater in the last few weeks,” Wyden said.


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