Clean Elections Cleared the Way for End-Run Politicians in New York


Last November there was yelling from the voters in New York Who had shouted loudly and been so clear about the honest elections.

Also, there was an update about the defeat of the three ballot measures that had been for the change of the state Constitution to undermine the ballot security.

On the day of the election, there has been a defeat of the three propositions that proposition 1, 3 and 4.


In the proposition 1: there has been given that it would be effectively ending the redistricting commission that voters been passed by a referendum in the year 2017 and also there was special protection was given to count the illegal immigrants in the way of redistricting.

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In the proposition three: it was been allowed that the same day voter registration in the state would be there and there will be no requirement of any kind of ID to vote.

In the proposition four: there was passed one statement about enabling the ballot harvesting.

These well been passed and decided and that week the feeling of victory was been there for the honest elections, winning support across all the parties and areas in the state.

Also at another part they have been cancelling out the votes of US citizens, this move was given by the New York City counselling Democrats which led the thousands of non-citizens vote cancelling out the votes of citizens or residents of the US.


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