Children in Texas and California get Flurona for the first time: Infections with flu and COVID were first reported

Illustration with a metal Australia flag on white background and yellow ribbons with Flurona virus. Covid and flu infection.

First two cases of  Flurona or as we say simultaneous flu and Covid-19 infection have been detected in the United States.

These Flurona positive cases appeared in the United States shortly after the first conviction of double infection in a pregnant woman in Israel.

The woman had mild symptoms and health officials are still investigating her case to find out the causes of the emergence of new differences after Omicron.


Out of these, the first test confirmed that the child was infected with both SARS-CoV-2  influenza A.

The case was detected at the  Texas Children’s Hospital.

The second was found in California on New Year’s Day at a mobile testing center.

The patient was a child from Mexico, visited the United States for a family vacation.

At present, it is unclear whether the children received their Covid/flu rifles or not.

 Also, health experts are showing an increase in joint infections(patients also infected with other respiratory viruses other than coronavirus)., especially in children as their immune system has not yet developed a common infection.

Currently,  the infected children are not hospitalized and are said to be recovering at home

Texas Children’s Hospital was the first in the US to confirm co-infection.

Steve Farzam, whose testing center found him guilty in California, said the symptoms of a Mexican child were ‘very mild’ and may have been ‘easily confused with sinusitis’.

 “This is one confirmed case and, of course, we will work with colleagues across the country to see if there are more cases and that we will see a different pattern to these,” said Dr. Jim Versalovic, a gynecologist. Also the leader of the Covid Command Center.

One Twitter user wrote, “Boy, yes you boy, what’s the difference we get into 2022, Omicron?”. The same user replied, “No No No sir, now it’s Flurona.”

Others wrote, “The news is crazy. Flurona is nothing new. The flu and corona. You can also get diarrhea when you have diabetes and loneliness.”

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There was one tweet that said “Before people thought there was a newly infected virus, it was just a person with Covid and the flu. The children had been tested twice for SARS-CoV-2 and RSV since summer so it is not surprising to see Covid. / Flu . “


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