Child Tax Credit: Missing A Payment? Here’s How To Track It


This year, five child tax credit payments have been made, with one more to go. However, if you’ve not received your checks yet or if you’re missing money from a previous month, be aware that several anomalies have caused child tax credit issues for parents each month. Don’t worry; we’ll assist you in determining what’s happening forward.

We discovered that if only one parent in a married household changed their banking information or mailing address, it could have reduced the amount of the payment. Also, owing to obsolete tax information from prior returns, parents may have gotten more money than they qualify for, and incorrect payment amounts may influence their taxes in 2022.

We’re here to assist you find out how to monitor your payment history online using the IRS Update Portal and file a payment trace if your money hasn’t arrived after a few weeks. Here’s what you need to know if you want to opt out of the last monthly check before the November 29 deadline (which means you’ll get a little larger check in 2022). Also, here’s the most recent information on the extension of the child tax credit.

Read Down If You Didn’t Received Child Tax Credit Stimulus Payment

Payments for the 2021 advanced monthly child tax credit began automatically in July. Even though child tax credit payments are supposed to come on specified dates, you may not have received the money on time for a variety of reasons.

The IRS may not have your current postal address or financial information. The mailed check may have been held up by the US Postal Service, or the direct deposit payment may still be being processed if it was a recent payment.

It’s also worth noting that if you’ve been a victim of tax-related identity theft, you won’t be able to receive child tax credit payments until the IRS has handled your difficulties.

If the concerns are not resolved this year, you will get the whole amount when you submit your taxes in 2022. Also, even if you have delinquent state or federal debt, you should still get child tax credit payments if you qualify.

Due to an IRS technological issue, about 700,000 households did not receive a payment in September. Missed payments were also recorded in earlier months among “mixed-status” families, in which one parent is a US citizen and the other is an immigrant, but that issue should have been resolved for subsequent payments.

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Another cause your payment may be postponed is if your 2020 tax return is still being processed; the IRS is still processing a backlog of returns. If your data has altered or you have just had a kid, the IRS may not be aware that it gives you the credit, especially if the credit is based on your 2019 tax return while the most recent one is being processed.

According to the IRS, you may view your processed monthly payment history by using the Child Tax Credit Update Portal. It’ll be a fantastic approach to keep track of any pending payments that haven’t yet been processed via your bank account.

Recurring monthly payments will be sent into your bank account on the 15th of each month from January to December.

You’ll need to register with your IRS username and account credentials to check on your payments online. The IRS will require a picture ID for first-time users (this is one of the ways the IRS is attempting to secure your data from online fraud).

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