Chicago Actor Sean Parris on the ‘beautiful Messes’ at the Heart of ‘Christmas Again!


In Chicago an actor Sean Parris is one of the many stars in the “Christmas Again,” which had been premiering on Disney Channel and Disney+. The movie had been shot in the city as well.

“It had been the time of my life,” Parris had said. “It was being the so much fun. I’ve been a sucker for Christmas movies ever since I was a kid.

It felt like a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows by the fireplace in the pajamas, and everything was too good for me.”


Parris had came to his adopted home of Chicago to do study and acting at DePaul University, where right now he teaches. He had been appeared on major stages all over the city too.

“This is where I had cut my teeth and became a better actor who learned how to act and had my dad when I sucked too. I learned from that all and got better,” he had said.
Parris had played the role of Uncle Bruce in the “Christmas Again.”

“He is so jovial and exciting with lots of hope. He believes in the partnership he has in and his marriage to a beautiful person.

It is the thing which is how he married into that family. And he loves the family a lot,” Parris said. “He is also trained in judo. He loves judo a lot. He’s an extension of who he want to be more of.”

Bruce’s love of his family, Parris had said. It is a huge part of the real message in the movie.

“Family is a word that is fill in as people. It doesn’t even matter if they are blood related or not, I’ve got so many people in my life that are family that are not with blood relation, it have been there for me sometimes more than the ones whoever are blood related,” he said.

“Stop trying to put it in that perfect little box and let it get messy because that’s who we are as humans: beautiful messes.”


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