Cheerleader Left Paralyzed After Accident During Practice Motivates Social Media Followers By Showcasing Her Recovery Journey


During a bizarre accident while training for homecoming, a teenage cheerleader from North Texas was paralyzed.

Makayla Noble is a international-champion cheerleader, but she was paralyzed in a car crash in September. Noble was recently admitted to aTIRR Memorial Hermann for treatment and rehabilitation.¬†According to Noble, the stunt’s timing was “wrong,” and she realized she was paralyzed as soon as she struck the ground.

That’s a terrible thing to get over, but she’s not the kind to linger on it. Her competitive side pushes her to keep working for whatever strength and flexibility she’ll regain, and she feels that as long as she puts in the effort, the outcome is out of her hands.


Noble remarked, “Staying strong in my faith and simply relying in Him has pulled me through.” She can now lift her arms, wield a paintbrush, and have sensation in her legs.

Noble’s doctor, Matt Davis, diagnostic medical director of TIRR Memorial Hermann’s Spinal Cord Injury Service Line, said her social media platform is helping to show that spinal cord injuries aren’t always as crippling as people think.

Davis explained, “I think there’s a lot of misunderstanding and underestimating what’s possible with a disability.” “That isn’t an impossible circumstance. There’s a lot of reason to be optimistic about it.”

Every spinal cord patient’s progress is measured differently, according to Davis. He went on to say that the ultimate aim isn’t necessarily to walk again.

“Not YET,” Noble responds when asked if she can feel her limbs. “They’re going to [work again], but not right now,” she explained. “Because I believe you’re leaving the door open.” “Did you know?”

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