Career Source The Palm Beach County Vice President Examines The Area’s Unemployment


The joblessness rate in Florida declined in November to a pace of 4.5%. The number continues to drop very nearly two years later noteworthy joblessness misfortunes.

Tom Veenstra, the Vice President of Administration at Career Source Palm Beach County, told WPTV’s Tory Dunnan it is a task searcher’s market at this moment.

We’ve had more employment opportunities in Palm Beach County, then, at that point, we have jobless individuals,” Veenstra said on ”To the Point.” “It’s an unbelievable time for somebody to search for a new position, or move up to a superior one.”


Organizations are extending to motivating forces to employment opportunity searchers, for example, marking rewards, wage increments and youngster care. Veenstra said organizations are in any event, recruiting individuals via telephone without an in-person meet.

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In Palm Beach County, the businesses hoping to recruit the most workers are medical services and friendliness. In the mean time, client confronting occupations are in low interest.

You’ve seen stands at the home improvement store where you look at yourself, or you may go into a café, and there would be a booth there for you to arrange. “We’re seeing patterns like that supplant individuals who used to be on the cutting edges,” Veenstra said.

The pandemic likewise changed how representatives view work. Veenstra said more individuals are searching for remote work and more adaptable timetables.

“One thing that COVID has shown us is that savvy organizations are setting more worth in the specialist than they have previously. They esteem the commitments that the specialist has made and that is actually the climate most work searchers are looking to one or the other beginning or perhaps leap to,” Veenstra said.

Florida’s joblessness rate is presently lower than the public rate.


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