C.d.c. Recommends Pfizer Boosters for Children 12 and Older | COVID Update


So there has been latest updates which are breaking and are regarding the CDC, who is strengthening its recommendations and that is on the booster shots for people who are 18 years and above 18 years. For more updates and details of the following news which has been framed.

So for all the people who are ages 18 and above DR advised and ordered that they should get a booster shot as soon as possible. That could also be after the Two months of their initial vaccine and that could also be framed when they are six month after the initial with Pfizer or motor in a series has been done.

So now according to report, the recent new variant emergence of the COVID-19 that is omicron has been emphasising on the importance of the booster shots and also emphasising on the need of vaccination. These both step of vaccination and booster shots are the prevention efforts which is very important for protection against the COVID-19 virus.


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There has been a report which is stating that the scientist in the United States and also the scientist around the world has been originally examining some official reports which are regarding the vaccine that is basically examining vaccines, this step has been taken effectively just because of this variant.

There has been report from the health officials which are encouraging the 47 million adults population those who haven’t been vaccinated to go strictly for the vaccination as soon as possible. And also the steps be taken that all the children in each and every family should be vaccinated and each member should have vaccination reports with them as just one source is there to protect you all from the variant that is immunity and just the immunity can likely to prevent you from this sickness and positive test also.


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