Brooklyn Wrestling Fan Charged after Tackling WE’s Seth Rollins at Barclays Cen


A New York Police Department spokeswoman informed ESPN that a Brooklyn man was detained Monday night after an incident on a WWE wrestler.

During the live broadcast of WWE’s Monday Night Raw at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, Elisah Spencer, 24, went towards WWE star Seth Rollins and attacked him. The assailant and Rollins struggled briefly on the ground before security and WWE personnel, including referees, intervened.

Spencer has been charged with attempted assault and attempted violation of arts and cultural affairs, according to the NYPD (disrupting a live athletic event). According to police, Spencer left his seating section at 9:20 p.m. local time, hopped the metal barricade, and assaulted Rollins, who suffered a lip swell.

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According to investigators, Rollins rejected medical treatment.

The brawl was first broadcast live on television, but as it became clear that it wasn’t part of the script, WWE cameras swiftly cut away. Many onlookers used their mobile cameras to record the incident and shared it on social media.

WWE issued a statement to ESPN saying, “WWE takes the safety of its wrestlers extremely seriously.” “The person who assaulted Seth Rollins has been handed over to the NYPD and will face the full force of the law.”

Following a Raw encounter with wrestler Finn Balor, Rollins, one of WWE’s top performers and a former WWE champion, was going back toward the entrance door. When Rollins reached the top of the ramp, the attacker dashed up the ramp at full speed and slammed him to the ground. Rollins’ true name is Colby Lopez. Once the attacker was apprehended, Rollins was able to go away on his own.

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