Broklyn Restaurant’s ‘SIDECAR’ the latest casualty of the Covid Pandemic


Brooklyn, Park slope: Restaurant Beloved in Brooklyn has been found making the decisions to be difficult for closing down just as a result of the coronavirus pandemic situation.

The restaurant Which has it settled in the Park slope has been found to be admired by the neighbors and also that restaurant has been known for their browned fried chicken and then the burgers and also for the refreshments. For these things, it has been highly admired.

Now going after 15 years, the beat would like that the sidecar has been joining the long list made of the restaurants. For those restaurants who had become in the corona time the victims of the pandemic.


A report came, that after the city has been reopened, DeCoursy has been hoping that what is going to be followed and would be a renewal of the financier, and then anxious for cherishing of the restaurants, basically local ones. But in reality that was not really enough.

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DeCourcy has been stating a statement: that if your sales will going to be reduced by like about 40% but the next point to be noted is that if your cost are just only reduced by 20% then, it’s just a case of only harder time.

One report came: incident has been framed that when the governor at the first time were been in planning of shutting down the things, at the start of the pandemic when the lockdown was being just plan to start then it was also been advised and ordered 4 to-be going restaurant, another word for confirmation of the restaurants 10 in just a week Sidecar realised and stated that in this way the things would be followed and they will not be able to survive this way.


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