Briefing on the Coronavirus: The New Drugs!


Two new Covid pills have been on their way, and they are been expected to have a significant impact on how the pandemic plays out in our daily lives.

The pills are one from Merck and the other from the Pfizer. It helps in reducing the risk of hospitalization and death if they are taken early in an infection.

If all goes well, the F.D.A. may be authorize both of them by this years end.


In the simplest terms, my colleague who is named as Carl Zimmer had said, the pair of pills can help in turn to Covid into a more ordinary respiratory disease which is similar to the common cold or to the flu.

And they may be just in the beginning. Scientists had said we will need an arsenal of drugs to deploy against these new foes, especially if the new variants erode to the protection of the existing vaccines.

“Ideally, if you have been tested positive for the Covid-19, someone could immediately pick up this antiviral pills for you at there nearby pharmacy, and you could start taking it as a course,” Carl said.

“Another possibility down the line might be that the people at high risk for severe Covid-19 who live in the same house as someone with an infection would get a prescription for the pills to take it as a preventive measure.”

Both pills had prevent the virus from the replicating inside the body and are broadly similar to the treatments that revolutionized the battle against H.I.V. in the year 1990s.

Merck’s drug, molnupiravir, had studied it as a treatment for the Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus which is a little-known pathogen feared as a potential bioweapon.

Trials put the drug’s effectiveness at the 30 percent, and experts have discussed its potential for there negative side effects, including its causing mutations in people’s DNA.

Last month, members of a F.D.A. advisory committee had recommended authorizing it but have expressed strong reservations given to its potential side effects.

Pfizer’s drug is also known as Paxlovid, may have performed much better.

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It was originally developed to fight with the coronavirus that caused SARS, but that epidemic ended before the company could test it on humans.

Interim clinical trials of Paxlovid against Covid have shown its terrific results: 85 percent effectiveness when it is taken as instructed.


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