Body-Cam Footage from a Brooklyn Hotel Helps Identify the Pregnant Woman’s Parents


East New York, Brooklyn: coming on to the news of the missing pregnant Queens woman Who eventually had been ended contact with her Long Island family. As detected and found in the report on the 17th of December she was being spotted by the police team.

The police team stated that she was being spotted in a hotel, in the Brooklyn hotel on the day of Tuesday. These whether to sources which were found to be very familiar as per the investigation.

According to the NYPD, officials have been stating that the officers from the 75th Precinct has been greeting that hotel for a call specifically a disturbance call. Officials also detect that she was been there with another woman and also with a man.


On the day of Tuesday only her estranged husband, Matthew David, which has been across the border in Queens who is been founded. He was been arrested on this day at the 102 Precinct, This arrest was in bed for robbing his wife’s cell phone on 12th of December and also the physical injury which has been cost to her just because of him.

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This incident has been happened in the Brooklyn Hotel on the day of Tuesday at the time of somewhere morning and afternoon. The exact time was also noted by the officials which was 12:50 PM which was an hour before the Cusumano’s parents who were been living on the long island and did contact The 102 Precinct, at Queens just for A demand for a formal report after pregnant daughter missing.


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