In 2022, Bill Gates Hopes To Ensure That COVID-19 Will Be the Last Pandemic


There has been a recent update about the lofty goal of Bill Gates for the next year 2022. And yeah has been talking about these goals in on concert for the COVID-19 relief in the Washington on 24th of June in the year 2020.

There has been a report which says that Bill Gates never goes for any kind of resolutions for the New Year but still this year he has been updating that he has been setting some large goals for the next 2022 and also for beyond.

He has been providing us with his list of goals for the next year and beyond in which the very highlighted topic has been the avoiding of future pandemics.


Earlier this month there was a blog post which was in his end of the year post list, The billionaire Microsoft co-founder and healthcare philanthropist has been writing that among the worlds largest problems, there has been one thing which has been demanding attention in the next year 2022 also is the health scare.

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He has been hopefully mentioning that there is not a chance to be affording to repeat the sufferings which has been in the last two years, written by Bill Gates in his blog post with additional statement that the world needs a chance and had it to be investing in the tools and into the systems that could act as a prevention against the COVID-19 pandemic but the problem occurred was that we didn’t took it.

He has been also mentioning that there has been many of the worlds highest profile projects specifically medical projects which has been paused because of the coronavirus COVID-19 and that could in the near future have the chances of to be accelerated again. And the best part is we all are aware and we also know the precautions then why to cry.


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