Biden White House Vows to Address Unemployment, Economic Woes in Black Communities as Virus Rages


U.S. Work Secretary Marty Walsh tells theGrio that the Biden-Harris administration will be ‘aggressive’ at curing the financial challenges for Black and Brown Americans.

Coronavirus is seething and the latest round of the destructive virus has pushed the focus on physical wellbeing as well as the soundness of the economy. This second comes during what is known as the “Incomparable Resignation,” a work event lately that has seen countless Americans leaving their jobs.

In October 2021, 4.2 million individuals quit their jobs and in November 2021 a record 4.5 million Americans left their business.


Taking a gander at the monetary numbers on a more extensive scale there is confusion and clashing information that offers two distinct scenarios of the present status of the economy. In an exclusive meeting with theGrio, U.S. Work Secretary Marty Walsh recorded, from his vantage point, what’s at play for working Americans across the country.

“A many individuals went home … One is, I think because about the anxiety toward the pandemic and anxiety toward getting COVID, so a significant number of them are dealing with their kids and their relatives at home,” Secretary Walsh told theGrio. “What’s more some individuals are saying, ‘Stand by a second, I was working in a task that I wasn’t satisfied in. I wasn’t bringing in sufficient cash for my need to raise my family.”

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The U.S. unemployment rate remains low at 4.2%, as indicated by Labor Department information – the lowest it’s been since before the U.S. pandemic shutdown in March 2020. In the mean time, the Black jobless claims stand at 6.7% from November 2021 contrasted with 10.3% for the same month a year earlier. The Biden White House says these numbers are a sign that the economy is improving even as the coronavirus is worsening.

However, the Black jobless numbers have been are still a worry as the economy could shift for the worse at any second in this pandemic season.

Leon Russell, seat of the National Board of the NAACP told theGrio, “The response to COVID for Black America is a dilemma. From one viewpoint we are the most disproportionately affected local area with regards to the serious effects of the virus. Then again Black workers are also disproportionately represented in the designation ‘essential workers.'”

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