Biden said Trump is to blame for the violent uprising on January 6th

Photo by Colin Lloyd on Unsplash

As the anniversary of the failed but deadly insurrection on the Capitol nears, the press secretary, Jen Psaki, highlighted President Biden’s plan to place “the singular responsibility of President Trump for the chaos and carnage that we saw.”

Psaki emphasized Biden’s plans to make a strong statement speaking the truth of what happened rather than the lies that have been propagated since, as well as the risks the riot led by extremist Trump supporters have caused to the rule of law and the democratic system in place.

Biden also wants to talk about how much work still needs to be done to strengthen American democracy while at the same time rejecting the lies and hate that stem from that tragic incident. 


Even before his inauguration, Biden was well well-aware of the threat Trump poses to the democratic system and of how Trump constantly tries to undermine America’s foundational values and rule of law. He also made mention of how trump abused his power while in office, undermined the constitution of the land, and deliberately ignored his oath to serve the American people, all in pursuit of hoarding more power for himself along with his allies.

Biden views the tragedy of last January 6 as something that resulted from the four years that the USA was under Trump’s presidency.

Attorney general Merrick Garland updated that while the investigation of the justice department into the incident has led to filing charges against 725 defendants in almost all 50 states, they are still working on finding out the big players in the insurrection.

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Even a year later, more than 40% of Americans still believe that Biden’s win was through dubious means. This widespread hearsay is contrary to the absence of voter fraud in the investigations conducted by both partisan and nonpartisan organizations. 

With the anniversary of the riot happening tomorrow, another major cause of concern comes from the view that almost 57% of those interviewed believe that violent events will likely happen again in the case of losing an election.


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