Biden Maintains Close Contact With a Government Official Who Tested Positive for COVID


The report has been telling about the contact of the president Joe Biden, which is with the close contact with official of the White House.

It has been updated that the White House official who have been tested later and the report when came told about the positive symptoms for the coronavirus.

The test of the official which came positive is as per the administration on the day of Monday.


The White House press secretary stated in a statement that the president has been spending around 30 minutes which is near aboard Air Force.

Also on the day of sunday Mr Job I don’t took a test which was a antigen test and when it came it turned out to be negative. Later he was been told that there is a staff member who has been tested and came to be positive so again the President took a PCR test and again it turned out to be negative. These are the updates of Monday.

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Psaki, Hearing this news said that they have been presence of others also in the contact of that staff member was been tested positive on the Air Force.

So if one has been coming positive so others should go for the test for the COVID-19 test which can be dangerous also it could be contagious to others also who are present there.

As per the new data released by the CDC on the day of Monday there has been a report which came that this poster of the President of Curd as the highly transmissible New variant which is Omicron which has been overtaking the data variant as the most dominant in relation to the COVID-19.


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