Bank of America Executives Warn Junior Employees to ‘dress Down’ as Crime in New York City Rises


With an increase in violent crime in New York City, Wall Street leaders continue to encourage younger staff to come to work — but only with caution.

Senior executives at Bank of America have privately urged younger workers to “dress down” when they make their way to the bank’s skyscraper at 1 Bryant Park.

These executives have warned their employees that dressing up or wearing anything with the Bank of America logo on it might put them at risk of being targeted. One bank employee told On The Money that he is on high alert after spotting someone with a knife near the building during a recent trip to the Manhattan headquarters.


Of course, concerns about criminality aren’t limited to Bank of America. According to NYPD data, there was a 15% rise in criminal assaults in the city over the last 28 days compared to the same time a year earlier.

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According to an individual with intimate knowledge of the situation, one senior executive at a prominent money-management business has just begun carrying a Taser on his commute to his Midtown office.

And, with the end of daylight-saving time last month, more people are travelling home in the dark, raising concerns about criminality.

The problem has been particularly significant in the regions around Hudson Yards: Walking the few blocks to the Far West Side after dark on mostly vacant streets, except for sometimes intimidating vagrants, might seem perilous for commuters going into Penn Station or the Port Authority Bus Terminal, sources told On Money.

Bank of America is located near Times Square, and many employees, like those at Hudson Yards, utilize Penn Station and Port Authority as transit hubs on their way to work.

Some firms, such as Citibank, provide workers with private shuttles so they may avoid taking public transit. In addition, most big banks will provide automobile service to staff who work after-hours.

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