At Least 8 Countries Confirms Omicron COVID Cases


The WHO has designated Omicron as a ‘variant of concern,’ and it may take several weeks to determine if there have been major changes in transmissibility, severity, or implications for Covid vaccinations, testing, and therapies.

The nww possibly more contagious Covid-19 form, initially found in South Africa, has already spread to numerous other nations, leaving governments around the world rushing to halt the spread. Furthermore, due to the threat of Omicron, a novel coronavirus type, some countries have issued travel bans to South Africa and its neighboring countries.

  1. Australia

According to the Australian Health Authority, the Covid Omicron strain was discovered in two passengers in Sydney. Both travelers landed in Australia through Doha on a Qatar Airways trip from southern Africa. Twelve passengers from southern Africa on the same flight tested negative for Covid, although they were quarantined.


  1. Italy

An Italian who traveled to Mozambique tested positive for the omicron variant, according to the Italian news source LaPresse. Five members of the family, including two school-aged children, tested positive.

  1. Germany

Two tourists who arrived on a flight from South Africa on November 24 were found to have the omicron variant. The genome sequencing has not yet been finished, but it has been “confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is this mutation,” according to German news agency dpa.

  1. Netherlands

According to the Dutch health authorities, 61 Covid-19 cases have been discovered among passengers who traveled from South Africa on Friday, with at least some illnesses being of the novel omicron form.

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  1. Britain

The Omicron variation has been found in two occurrences in the United Kingdom. The two associated instances of the new strain found in Britain, according to British health secretary Sajid Javid, were linked to travel to southern Africa.

  1. Israel

After discovering a case of the new Covid-19 strain on November 26, the nation enacted a number of emergency measures. According to the health ministry, the new strain, known as B.1.1.529, was detected in a Malawian who had recently arrived in South Africa.

  1. Hong Kong

Following South Africa, Hog Kong is the second nation to report two Omicron strain cases.

  1. Botswana

So far, just one instance of the novel coronavirus variety has been documented in the nation.

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