At Least 27 Dead After Migrant Boat Capsizes in English Channel


At least 27 individuals died attempting to cross the English Channel between France and the United Kingdom on Wednesday, in one of the deadliest migrant crossing catastrophes ever.

After informing Reuters that 31 people had perished after a boat transporting migrants across the channel overturned on Wednesday evening, French officials amended the number down.

Téteghem Mayor Franck Dhersin, the northern France region’s vice president of transport, had previously tweeted that more than 50 migrants were reported to be on board.

“A fresh tragedy,” he said, describing the situation as “many of bodies in the sea.” The loss of life at sea “shocked, outraged, and greatly saddened” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

“My condolences are with the victims and their families,” he added, urging countries to join together to prevent traffickers from enabling channel crossings.

“Now is the moment for us all to rise up, work together, and do everything we can to stop these murderous gangs,” he added.

Nicolas Margolle, a fisherman, told Reuters that he had observed at least two tiny dinghies earlier in the day on Wednesday.

One of the boats looked to have individuals on board, while the other appeared to be empty, according to him.

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Another fisherman phoned rescuers after witnessing the empty dinghy and many individuals floating in the ocean nearby, according to Margolle.

Because of the nice weather, he claimed there appeared to be more dinghies in the sea on Wednesday. “However, it’s freezing,” he explained.

Tensions have risen over tiny boat crossings over the English Channel, with British and French authorities intensifying their efforts to deter asylum seekers.

Despite attempts on both sides, the number of migrants crossing the channel on tiny boats hit new highs this month, with 1,185 arriving in the United Kingdom on November 11 alone, according to Sky News.

The figure was believed to have eclipsed the previous high of 853 persons set earlier in the month. The Home Office will not comment on the alleged number of crossings, according to a spokeswoman.

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