At Least 12 Staten Islanders Have Been Nominated to the Transition Team of the Incoming Mayor of New York City.


At least 12 Staten Islanders had been included in the discussions that will help in determining what Eric Adams’ mayoral administration which look like, a spokesperson had announced on Friday.

Mayor-elect Adams had named almost around 800 people and had a variety of committees for his transition team which he has been working on since he had won the election in the November to identify and interview the candidates for appointments, and had developed policy priorities.

“This unprecedented collection of all great minds and hard-working of the New Yorkers will prepare my administration for the success because they had to represent as many backgrounds and views of our great city, and they have been committed to working together toward the bright future,” Adams had said.


“If we were going to tackle as many challenges in front of us as in the city, the advocacy, nonprofit and business worlds must have been at the same table and working in collaboration and this is exactly what this transition has done.”

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State Sen. Diane Savino (D-North Shore/Brooklyn) and outgoing Borough President who is named as James Oddo were two of the most prominent Islanders and it is named to the team.

Savino diverged is with the local party head Assemblyman Mike Cusick (D-Mid-Island) during their mayoral primary campaign when she had been endorsed in Adams’ candidacy. Cusick had endorsed candidate with the Andrew Yang.

“I am being honored to be a part of this team,” Savino, who was an senior advisor on the transition, had said. “We all are committed to the successful transition to the Adams Administration and have been determined to help the creation of the blueprint for his vision.”

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Oddo, who had been sitting on the transition’s infrastructure, climate and the sustainability committee with his Chief of the Staff Jason Raeffsky had said he had seen “smart, optimistic people” on his committee who have been committed to making the city a better place.


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