As the number of Covid cases rises, Apple prohibits customers from its New York City stores


There has been a bit coming about then ounce meant which Apple stores have been announcing which is just because of the COVID-19 Coronavirus situations and impacting of the new variant also which has come up. For more updates and details refer the following news.

Apple has been closing all of the New York City stores and that so closed for the temporary. And that has been for the in- person shoppers, This has been made just because of the coronavirus COVID-19 cases which has been soaring in the Big Apple.

Also update with all of you should know that the customers can still see the online stuff in can still pick up and can order anything which is required to them add the online stores. It would be D just seen nothing could be in matter of quality or price but the mood could be changed from off-line to online.


In the New York City there has been some locations which are following, which has been been opened for the in- person shopping. These locations are in the Long Island, New Jersey, Westchester county And upstate New York. These would be remained Open for the shopping.

Eventually disclosure has been came until the new variant has been spreading into widespread numbers: now we could hear the omicron cases in the new year also, which has been forcing a lot of workers in around thousand of workers who have been into the sick and ill condition.

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So for all of you to know that Apple typically closes a store when employees like 10% of the employees were being tested and when test report came they were been positive for the coronavirus COVID-19 test. And 10% of the employees it’s not less obviously to start off with more according to the Bloomberg. So eventually the closure was came from Apple To shift towards the the online shopping mode.

The last week update has been framed in the manner that Apple has been shutting it’s stores due to Coronavirus in Florida, Georgia, Texas, Canada, and in new hemisphere.


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