As Omicron Spreads, Some Nursing Homes Struggle To Boost Residents


Since pandemic began, more than 100 residents at Sea Crest Elderly and Rehabilitation, a big nursing facility overlooking the Coney Island boardwalk, have perished from Covid-19.

However, as a highly contagious variant of the coronavirus reaches a new high in New York, the nursing home is failing to administer one of the most effective kinds of protection against it recent wave of virus: a booster shot, according to medical experts.

According to state data from the prior week, only 52 of the nursing home’s 274 residents — less than one in every five – had received a booster.


However, as Omicron spreads, health experts point to a new issue: New York, like the rest of the country, was slow to push boosters before the new variant arrived a few weeks ago, and has largely allowed third doses to be administered to long-term care facilities, despite the fact that some of them struggle with the task.

That now the new type is fast spreading over practically all of the country, health experts are pushing the city and state to do more to ensure that the most susceptible people, particularly nursing home residents, receive boosters as soon as possible.

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While Omicron continued to spread swiftly across the country, infections rose in Washington, DC, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, and Florida, with New York reporting 49,708 new cases on December 24 and 36,454 at Christmas, more than any other state in the US.

Nursing home residents have a much greater chance of dying from Covid-19 in broad sections of the pandemic, hence booster home care boosters are regarded critical during the Omicron spike. Many nursing home residents were vaccinated during the vaccine campaign’s early days, but their protection has diminished, according to public health specialists.

Early data and laboratory tests, on the other hand, reveal that, while the vaccines still provide significant protection against serious disease, they are far less efficient in stopping the new variety from infecting humans without a booster. Boosters should also provide further protection against serious sickness.

According to industry sources, there have already been multiple reports of nursing home breakouts in the city and its surroundings. More than 14,000 coronavirus-related deaths have occurred among nursing home residents in the state of New York since the pandemic began, with nursing facility residents and employees accounting for more than a third of the Covid-19 deaths nationwide in 2020.

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