As Jessica Chastain Tells the New York Times, She was Hospitalized While Filming “The 355.”


On Wednesday’s episode of The Late Late Show, the 44-year-old actress Jessica Chastain opened up about a scary on-set injury where she revealed she hit her head while shooting the soon-to-be-released film The 355.

Narrating the incident, Chastain said she “heard a crack” and joked “That might be why I am the way I am today.” Together alongside co-star Penélope Cruz, Chastain told James Corden, “I actually had to go to the hospital. … I was doing a fight scene and it was on a marble floor. I misjudged. I had fallen and hit my head. I misjudged the distance, Everyone stopped and looked scared and I was a bit stunned like ‘I don’t know what’s happening,'” she added. 

“My stunt double comes up to me — she was so sweet, she is French and doesn’t speak a lot of English — and she comes up to me and goes, ‘I’m sorry but I have to put it back in.’ And I’m sitting there like, ‘Put what back in? Are my brains outside of my face? What’s happening?’


As Chastain explained, “I guess it was just a bruise she was pushing back in my head,” she noted: “I did a couple more takes because I don’t give up easily, and then I went to the hospital.”

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Chastain is the producer and star of the upcoming action movie about a group of spies from different international organizations that team up to save the world. Simon Kinberg, the director of the movie, told Insider that Chastain had asked to do a lot of the stunts for the movie herself rather than get a stunt double to do it.

The 355, which Chastain stars in and produced, follows a group of spies from different international organizations that team up against a common threat.

Alongside Chastain and Cruz, 47, the film also stars Diane Kruger, Lupita Nyong’o, Fan Bingbing, Sebastian Stan, and Edgar Ramírez, among others.


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