Arizona COVID-19 updates: AZ expert says omicron appears ‘overwhelmingly’ dominant here


On Wednesday, Arizona’s COVID-19 cases increased by 7,749 with a total of 1,419,562, and 61 new deaths were reported.

The seven-day death rate of Arizona per 100,000 people surpassed the ranks fifth of the highest among states and territories of the total COVID-19 as of Tuesday. Consequently, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported overall count of known deaths as of Wednesday was 24,570. The state’s pandemic death rate is highly fatal within the nation, in line with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Less than a month after it first appeared in Arizona, the omicron variant of COVID-19 is now driving nearly all new cases within the state. The researchers at ASU’s Bio design Institute say as many as 90% of recent infections within the state appear caused by omicron. Like in other parts of the planet, the omicron outbreak is causing a steep surge in cases in Arizona. Arizona is now averaging quite 7,000 new cases per day — double the figures the state was reporting just a week ago.

“If you look over the whole course of this pandemic, we’ve nothing that matches that rate of rising. this is often the fastest rate of rising we’ve seen,” Dr. Josh LaBaer, administrator of the Biodesign Institute, told KJZZ reporters on Wednesday. LaBaer also stated that the unprecedented spike in cases is because omicron is highly contagious.


“I would make the idea that if someone was on the elevator before you and left and that they had COVID-19, it’s still floating around within the air in there and you’re visiting get in and possibly compass,” LaBaer said. Thus, Disease Control and Prevention reports just 31% of eligible Arizonans have had a booster shot.

Truly, omicron appears to cause milder infections and fewer hospitalizations, LaBaer said the total volume of latest cases could easily overwhelm Arizona’s health care system and health care providers. “The hospital system in Arizona was already heavily stressed by the delta variant,” LaBaer said. “If lots of latest cases manifest themselves because of omicron, and if even a fraction of these finds yourself within the hospital, I’m concerned about what is going on to happen within the hospitals immediately.”






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