Are You Eligible for the New $7,500 Stimulus Check? | LATEST UPDATE


So there has been latest updates about the stimulus payment of the next year which has been worth $8000.

So the child and dependent tax credit, We going to be providing up to all those Americans who have been eligible and qualified for the payment, these eligible Americans will going to be get the amount dollar 8000.

So for the parents also they should have an AGI which should be less than dollar 1,25,000 I need additional one more statement which has to be added in this is that the children should be of age under 13 for the criteria to be fulfilled for the Payment.


Basically, the motive for providing this payment is to Hai those parents for covering up the expenses and also for the children’s benefits as many problems have been faced during this pandemic.

So how can you claim of the new stimulus payment of dollar 8000, those families with the children who has been receiving in the year 2021 the CTC check status child tax credit checks, only those parents and families are eligible for the additional funds and also with the child care expenses.

Also the act which was been took in the month of March that was American rescue plan act, has been also increasing the child independent tax credit into some considerations as stated by IRS.

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According to the report, for the family to have been qualified, for those family is the CTC has been increased to dollar 3600 which is for children under the age of six years and for the children from the age 6 to 17, for them the CTC has been dollar 3000.

So from the month of July to December in 202012 of these payments have been given to those families in the form of monthly stimulus checks, all regards for this to the enlarged programme.

So the remaining CTC payments will going to be given to those families who have been qualified and will be available to them then they will be submitting the tax return in 2021.


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