After Politics Infiltrate the Miss Universe Pageant, the Winner Is Crowned


Did we just hear the breaking news about the Miss universe.

Do you all know that she has been getting Rs.23,00,00,000 after winning the pageant diamond crown of the Miss universe.

Coming upon the main details of the mess so we are talking about the native of Chandigarh she has been from the Chandigarh name is Harnaz Sandhu.


And she has been crowned as the Miss universe of the year 2021 and it has been the great opportunity for India to come up upon this beauty and India is getting the title of the Miss universe having this has been the after long year span that is 21 years.

And when we talk about the winner she’s just not been getting the title of Miss universe but she is getting the terms of dream life and the prospects which are awaiting for her as being the winner she’s going to have now the dream life of her which are beyond the terms.

The most freaking news is that we cannot just predict the journey behind the happiness which begins from the diamond crown on her head when it was been crowned on her and she has been presented worth of Rs.23,00,00,000 and 80,00,000.

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And accordingly to the stated things and statements she must be getting a salary of six digits which has been deducted every month she is getting this and the organisers of the Miss universe event have not even disclose the real amount till yet.

Even The photographers have been stating that her beauty is so ambitious that they couldn’t even capture her beauty in the most freaking cameras they have the most professional photographers stated.

She’s been getting enormous chances of visiting places around the whole world and everything is just included in the travel expenses from the program production team and she has been getting it all free.


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