After His Terrifying Concussion, Donald Parham Takes to Twitter To Address His Fans


The news is of the Thursday night when Donald Parham has been suffering a very terrifying injury. More details and updates have been in the following manner.

This terrifying injury which is suffered by Donald Parham has been caught into a pause in the end zone in his team‘s first quarter which is at the Thursday night game which has been against the chiefs.

So eventually the realisation was Farhan has been unable to catch the pass and during that Miss of the cat she landed awkwardly and then in a moment went into the fencing position.


Suddenly as Palam exited the field during that sensing position on a stretcher just that moment parham arms outstretched.

Overnight of course the charger is officially reported about the incident and he was been taken into the hospital because the outstretched marks were very bad and was in worsening position.

On the day of Friday at the time of afternoon the team announced that he has been diagnosed officially and with the concussion. And the best part in news which he received was that he will be very soon discharge from the hospital.

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Also on the Twitter on Friday it has been noticed and found that per home has been posting a note and he has also been posting a picture.

That photo which Param posted that night who is of him only and in that picture he is giving a thumbs up with a pretty message in which he says that he is very good and nobody can lead a real person down for a long time.

But I am in that picture and message has also been showed a lot of love and support he has been getting from each and every body and it has been getting emotional towards the love and support has been getting.

Param says that has been too much for him that he has been getting so much love and support of the family also and so many people are thinking about him and his well-being has been in the prayers of the people and he’s been taken away with that message.


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