After Decades in Prison, New York Woman Helps Formerly Incarcerated Find Housing


Donna Hylton said that following 27 years in jail, she was at a junction. She settled on the choice to revamp her life and construct a protected spot for previously imprisoned individuals to remain and recover financially.

In the fall of 2020, as the Covid spread rapidly through jail populaces, many states, including New York and New Jersey, delivered individuals right off the bat trying to end the spread of the infection.

New York State has delivered somewhere around 3,900 individuals since the start of the pandemic. New Jersey delivered exactly 5,300 early. Donna Hylton was one of them.


The way from an open cell entryway to home has consistently had its snags. Hylton’s companion — who works with the previously detained — has directed him in manners exhausted offices regularly can’t.

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Be that as it may, for the vast majority, sorting out an interwoven security net is an overwhelming undertaking. The recidivism rate in New Jersey is barely short of 30%. In New York, 43% of individuals let out of jail in the long run return. In New York City, the greater part of individuals leaving jail are sent into the safe house framework

During a pandemic, the excursion to tracking down spots to live, work and study can turn into a maze, particularly for the individuals who have nobody looking out for the opposite side.

Donna Hylton got back to New York City, following 27 years in jail. A lady who has since quite a while ago fought for herself, she returned to where a NY woman helps her in finding home.

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