After a Single Vehicle Accident in Stonewood, a Person was Transported


There has been one breaking news which has been about one more accident that has taken place, and more details and updates are in the following manner.

We have got to be updated that there is one person who has been transported who has been suffering phone vehicle accident and into the location of Stonewood.

We have been updated from the Harrison county 911 communication centers. From there, the news has been coming that the motor vehicle rollover there received a call from there which was around in the evening the time was 3:44 in the afternoon.


And this accident took place on Monday, and it was afternoon time around three when the stating the accident was in Stonewood and the exact location was in Cost Avenue.

And now on the scene when the cruise has been arriving, there has been a confirmation which has been made that there was the extrication which has been begun.

One person has been transported for treatment because of the injury which has taken place in his body just because the accident took place.

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The details of the person who has been transported for the treatment the pieces of him have been updated to us from the commercial center officials.

The scene has been depicted in the Nutter fort police department and the stone wood fire department.

For more information on the details of the person and injury and more about the vehicle information, you all have to be still updated just because the department will be sending more information soon.


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