After A Jet Ski Accident In Humphreys Co., A Man Died


After a jet ski accident, a man’s body was discovered this afternoon in New Johnsonville port.

Sheriff Chris Davis of Humphreys County says a fisherman went out to put his boat out at 6:30 a.m.

Friday and came across a man who was caught on an island after his boat ran up on the shore.


The man was scooped up by a fisherman on a jet ski, which overturned into the bay.

Chris Lamon, 46, who was initially on the island, died after failing to emerge.

The TWRA aided in the recovery process.

A boat came aground at Lucas Harbor at 4 a.m. Friday, prompting a guy to phone a buddy and request to be picked up by a jetski, according to officials.

The man was scooped up and taken to shore by a buddy before the two of them collected tools and returned to the boat.

The jetski, however, overturned, and one of the men drowned. The man’s corpse has been discovered, according to Sheriff Chris Davis, who spoke to News 2 on Friday afternoon.

Chris Laman, 46, of Carroll County, has been named as the suspect.

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