After a Delivery Worker Was Killed on Christmas, the Community Is Calling for Action


There has been some updates about the officials has been calling for action after a truck driver has been losing his control and jumped out onto a curb which eventually killed a pedestrian and even a cyclist. For more updates referred the following news.

As the report has been coming from the police, who has been stated that an old driver around 66-year-old of Baldor express truck hates both of the cyclist and also the pedestrian.

As the police have been stated this incident has taken place on Christmas Eve.


Upper east side, Manhattan: officials have been calling for action after the incident of a truck Lost control and then jumped a curb. This trust has been Sending shockwaves, through the community of the cyclist and also those people who always prefer sidewalks, which are so many in New York City.

Some officials and with them the DOT commissioner who has been newly appointed named Ydanis Rodriguez were at the spotter on Sunday at the night of Sunday , and that has been with other officials too.

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There have been certain updates made by the Eyewitness news start they would be making a plan which will be outlined and on the important cast To make the bike lanes very safer for The workers specifically delivery workers


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