Additional local governments in the United States have enacted legislation to tax plastic shopping bags


There has been some recent news breakdown of the use of plastic bags which has been followed by that pedestrians have been carrying plastic bags has been noticed in Philadelphia on third of March in the year 2021.

It became illegal in the city to give single-use Plastic bags, the penalties have not been started yet but will be heart breaking news if Got started. The following news has been framed in the manner that:

Across America, there has been joining of a growing trend which has been done by joining of the five Virginia jurisdictions, and that has been of taxing plastic shopping bags just with the motive of hoping to reduce their use and also eventually the outcome could be the permanent elimination of the plastic bags.


In the United States, the first which has been dear to pass a statewide bandh in the year 2014 has been California and after that, there have been several other states since California also including Hawaii, Oregon, New York, Which are also banned now in using of single-use plastic bags.

As per the world atlas, there have been around 60 countries that have been instituted control over plastic bags and those countries include India, Cambodia, and China.

Now also there have been several African countries that have been putting efforts into banning them which are Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, And Cameroon.

But after making such efforts also globally the plastic bags have still been continually used. There have been no such measures that have been completely taken into strict actions for eliminating the use of single-use of plastic bags.

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More of the local governments have been joining the cause and support is growing in the US more now.

The consumers have been still struggling with such rapid increase in grocery bills which are just because of the widespread inflation which has been caused and then the taxes on the plastic bags Will going to drive up the cost for consumers who are already struggling and into this condition as stated in VOA by Taylor, The group‘s director.


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