Add Chilled Pepsi To It Abeg: Reactions As Ex-Presidential Candidate Bemoans Buying Groundnut For N1,000


Previous official competitor on the foundation of the YPP, has mourned the high pace of expansion in Nigeria Moghalu in an online media post said he purchased a jug of groundnut for N1,000 as against the past cost of N600 Meanwhile, President Buhari had recently said that his organization was doing all that could be within reach to crash food costs in the country.

Kingsley Moghalu, a former presidential contender, criticised the rising expense of food in ‘Buhari’s Nigeria’ after purchasing a bottle of groundnut for N1000.

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He used to buy the same bottle for N600, according to the political economist.

“I bought a bottle of my favourite groundnuts for N1000 at “Four Corner” in Enugu State, which I used to buy for N600. Inflation is how economists refer to it.

“Oga, the price has gone up,” the market woman responded when I gasped. It’s what I call Buhari’s Nigeria.” He made a Facebook post about it.


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