According to a Study, New York City Has the Nation’s Worst Traffic Congestion.


Although traffic congestion had been around the U.S. which seems to be picking back up, if it still remains below the levels had seen before the start of the pandemic problem.

According to a new analysis by Inrix, a study had also found that the Big Apple tops on the list of most congested cities in the country, while having 102 lost hours in traffic in the year 2021.
According to the analysis and overall, in the U.S., drivers lost an average of 36 hours due to the congestion which is up from 26 hours last year but down from 99 hours in the year 2019.

On a worldwide scale the New York City places fifth among the most congested cities, with London (148 hours) leading to the ranking, which is followed by Paris (140 hours), Brussels (134 hours), and Moscow (108 hours).


These cities comprise to the Top 5 most congested cities which is in the world by the Impact Rank, despite being traffic congestion ranging from -27% to 0% which is below pre-COVID levels.

Additionally, like most of the years, according to the analysis, New York’s Brooklyn Queens
Expressway had better known as the BQE, took second place as the worst corridor in the famous United States.

Additionally, the study had pointed to the fact that not only was traveling on the roads had been impacted during the pandemic, but the overall public transportation has also seen ramifications from many global health crises.

“Local public transportation use was also down which is considerably throughout the year 2021.

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New York City’s Metropolitan Transit Authority had seen ridership fall with the 54% on all the transit services through the August of the year 2021 versus the same time in the year 2019,” according to the Inrix’s analysis.

Furthermore, the most of the analysis found that on another notable change to the commutes beside the reduced travel times with the volumes which was was to the lack of travel to the downtowns, which also known as “Central Business Districts.

” These areas has house a significant portion of a region’s jobs.

For example, in the New York Metro Area, 20.2% of jobs had been located to the downtown. The lack of travel to these areas has to do with more people working in the remotely since the start of the pandemic.


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