According To A New Poll, Nearly A Third Of Republicans Say They Will Never Be Vaccinated


As shown in a recent poll issued on Wednesday by Monmouth University, at least 30% of Republicans believe they may never obtain a Covid-19 vaccine, while only 1% say they will get immunised as soon as feasible.

In comparison, only 2% of Democrats said they were likely to never get the vaccine.

According to the poll, just 54% of Republicans indicated they had received the Covid-19 vaccination, while 96% of Democrats said they had previously been vaccinated.


According to the report “National: Most Americans ‘worn out’ by Covid,” a huge portion of Americans were weary by the virus’s impact on their everyday life and the modifications they had been to make in the last 20 months.

And over half of those polled said it made them “angry.” Covid made 24 percent of respondents “a lot angry,” while 21 percent felt “a bit angry.”

Republicans and Democrats virtually agree on one thing: pandemic-induced changes in their life left 64% of the right-wing side feeling at least a bit worn out, barely 1% higher than the latter. However, there was a significant divide between the two factions in terms of how irritated the pandemic has made people, with 63 percent of Republicans feeling upset compared to 34 percent of Democrats.

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The poll also looked at how politicians and government officials were rated.

In a split decision, 46% of Americans believe US President Joe Biden did a good job handling the coronavirus outbreak, while the same percentage also thought Mr Biden did a horrible job.

The epidemic has lowered Mr Biden’s approval rating, which was previously in the massive benefit zone, according to the survey results.

Only 38% of Democrats now think President Obama has handled the pandemic properly, down from 50% in November. This is larger than a drop in Republicans’ favourable views of Mr. Biden, which has dropped to 10% from 16%.

The president’s low approval ratings can be traced back to the states he won in the 2020 presidential election.

The government’s inability to contain the pandemic, according to Patrick Murray, director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute, may be a role.

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